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So I guess if you’ve clicked on this page, you’re interested in finding out more about me.Β 

At this point, I should probably admit that the most interesting thing about me is probably my books, which, in contrast to my own peaceful, happy life, are full of murder, family secrets, deadly friendships, and psychological twists that you never see coming. I live just outside Stirling, Scotland, with my wife Angie and our furry little girl Bailey.Β 

I am a full-time writer and I am smiling as I type that as I am very lucky to do the job I absolutely love, but it wouldn’t be possible without the love and support of my wife, family, friends, and all you readers out there who have made it possible to turn my dream of being an author into reality. I have done a lot of other jobs from being a Project Manager, Recruitment Manager, Driving instructor, and Humanist Celebrant to owning a Handmade Fudge Company, but it was during the Covid lockdown that I could really concentrate on my writing full time. I have also written and self-published 19 romance books under a pen name and my books have hit the #1 Amazon charts around the world, but my attention is now on writing gripping psychological thrillers that will leave my readers hooked.

I often get asked where I get my ideas from, and they can come to me from anywhere and I’m always on the lookout. Things I’ve heard, read, seen, or dreamt about all make it into my little notebook or into my iPhone so I can explore them further. The smallest seed of an idea can grow into a gripping storyline if it ignites my imagination. My wife keeps telling me that if something ever happens to her then I would have a very hard time explaining my Google search history to the police!Β 

I try to write every day even when we are on holiday. This year I took my trusty MacBook with me as we travelled through Cambodia and Vietnam and next year I am hoping to finish another thriller as we venture all around Malaysia. The joy of being a writer is that you can literally do it anywhere, just give me a few hours of peace and quiet to allow me to get the words on the page and I’m happy.Β 

I’m frequently asked for guidance on how to succeed as a writer, and while I wish I had a magic trick or a method that would apply to everyone, I don’t. The truth is that my challenges might not be the same as your challenges. However, I can share with you a couple of things. Firstly, have faith and persevere. Keep reading, writing, and sending your work out. And secondly, get good at self-editing, marketing, and networking with other authors in your genre, and never ever read reviews!

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